I Believe in Gremlins

Yesterday, I interviewed my friend, Anne Hodder-Shipp, ACS, to talk about getting over sexual insecurities. Anne is a rarity, in the sense that she is a treasured friend I met via the internet (Twitter, in fact) back in 2009. The internet world was smaller then, and Ashton Kutcher had not yet ruined Twitter.

Podcasting takes practice, so I'm torturing my more experienced friends with my first interviews. Completely out of character, I'm giving myself plenty of time to get used to audio editing, doing what I can to sound mix, and figuring out how I'll go about marketing this. While I've started recording in August, I'm launching the podcast in October. Good thing I'm taking it slow. There have been lots of things going wrong.

Last week, I had the pre-amp fail with Amy, and my iPhone headset came to the rescue. When I went to check that trusty headset again, it failed the Zoom test. I'll spare you the swearing that ensued as I quickly set up my condenser mic, thanking all that's holy that I actually *did* reorder the USB/XLR cable and it did arrive on time. But all that deep breathing and relaxing I did so I could be "in the zone" for the interview went right out the window. I was so annoyed that something that should work was not working...again.

This is why I believe in gremlins.

Last week, I had completed the podcast's trailer so I could start getting the podcast all the platforms. Apple Podcasts is the leader in that arena, and was first on the SimpleCast list. I was smiling as logged on to their podcast connector, excited that this was becoming more real. My smile dropped as I was redirected to log in again. And again. And again. This happened in Chrome and Safari and Firefox, and in incognito/private windows in each. I logged in to iTunesConnect and made a trouble report. The great thing about Apple/iTunesConnect is that a real (smart) person will contact you pretty quickly to get the problem sorted. But this had stumped them. I sent screen shots and videos and detailed descriptions, only to have them scratching their heads as to why this was happening. But I knew: gremlins.

It's not as if Mercury is retrograde (I was wise enough to wait for that to clear), or I was making rookie mistakes (as much as I don't know, I have done my research). These things are pretty straightforward, and yet they suddenly were complicated.

F*cking gremlins.

It took a week for Apple to fix whatever the gremlins had gotten into. The podcast is now starting to populate across the internet. Next week, I'll make the first announcement for it. September will be the bigger push. Then, one day in the future, your kind self will be reading this little diary of what's gone on behind the scenes. That'll be a nice day.

The only cure for gremlins is ample time. I'm glad, for once, I've given myself that.

Anne is a great human. She's super smart, compassionate and dripping with integrity. She's one of those friends who you look forward to meeting for dinner (and a couple of glasses of rosé) to hear what she's up to, enjoying how her brain works. As a no-BS sex educator, she is passionate about creating a sex-positive world, empowering people to feel comfortable in their skin and with their partners. And I'm the vanilla bean in her world. We had a great talk about some sexual insecurities, the importance of communication and mindset when it comes to enjoying sex, and how it's absolutely understandable (dare I say "normal") to not be feeling "in the mood" during this covid crisis. I hope by the time this episode airs, we'll be in a much better place, turning a positive corner in so many ways. Until then, keep wearing a mask, washing your hands, and getting in touch with yourself.

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