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Sandra is a writer of wrongs. Author of A Sassy Little Guide to Getting Over Him (2006), she believes that laughter and real talk help folks get through life's challenges. After all the it 2020 threw at us (you can spell that it with a capital S-H), there needed to be a little podcast with meaningful conversations—with a lot of heart and a bit of swearing—about what we're going through, dealing with and want to move past. In October 2020, A Sassy Little Podcast for Getting Over It was born. The weekly podcast has interviews with experts, celebrities and every-day people who have faced seemingly insurmountable circumstances, and came out the sassier for it.


Change isn't for sissies, though, and a good sense of humor is helpful. The insights shared by the guests can inspire us to shift our perspectives and make whatever changes we need or want to make in our own lives.

Sandra explains, "Happiness is a choice. We forget that, but being happy is a decision we can make every day, or even minute by minute. It's sort of like a superpower when you think about it. It's the same with getting over something. We can take steps toward that whenever we choose. We just have to remember to choose it."


In addition to the Guide and its Young Adult edition (2017), her two novels are Chain-Smoking Vegetarians and Other Annoyances in L.A. (2016) and Temporary (2018). She holds a BFA live action film from the California Institute of the Arts and worked in Hollywood for more than a decade—as both an assistant and fledgling screenwriter—before focusing her creative efforts on literary fiction. Sandra is the founder of the L.A.L.A. Society, which promotes Los Angeles' local authors, and advocates for independent authors and booksellers. A native of Los Angeles, she lives, writes and podcasts in Venice, California, and publishes through her imprint, SAME ink.

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