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Amy Dresner

001 Shame

Author Amy Dresner says, "F**k shame!"


JC Coccoli

004 Climate Changes

Comedienne JC Coccoli talks about having a better relationship with our planet.


Virginia Gilbert, LMFT

007 Relationship Challenges

Licensed therapist and author, Virginia Gilbert, LMFT, discusses relationship survival skills.


Dr. Allison Niebes-Davis

010 Toxic Positivity

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Allison, talks about the negative side of "good vibes only" attitudes.


Dr. Vera Tarman

013 Food Addiction

Addiction specialist, Dr. Vera Tarman, author of FOOD JUNKIES, enlightens us about the under-acknowledged affliction of food addiction.


Ashleigh Turner Justice

016 Life-changing Moment

At 15, a car accident left her with a traumatic brain injury and spinal damage that rendered her quadriplegic. Today, she's a wife, mother and teacher.


Lisa Linke and Misty Stinnett

019 Bad Advice

Hosts and creators of the Go Help Yourself Podcast.


Dr. Stephanie Sarkis

022 Gaslighting

Dr. Sarkis is back to discuss gaslighting.


Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su

025 Menopause

Board certified gynecologist and certified menopause practitioner, Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su gives us real-talk on the 'pause.


Sandy Roxas, Esq.

028 Pre-Nups

Southern California Super Lawyer, Sandy Roxas, talks about the benefits and protections of prenuptial agreements, even if you're not exactly rolling in the dough.


Laura Fenton

031 Living Smaller

The author of THE LITTLE BOOK OF LIVING SMALL talks about the upside of not living large.


Ericka Lutz

034 Sudden Loss

Writer, mother, performer, educator and widow, Ericka Lutz shares her experience with sudden loss, the grief, the PTSD, and the importance of moving forward.


Cynthia Nielson

037 Amazon

Cynthia Nielson is an entrepreneur and co-creator of MagTrim Designs who has been selling on Amazon for years, and gives us insight on why we should be shopping elsewhere


Locke Hughes

040 Perpetual Lateness

Locke Hughes talks about the challenges of being on time.


Anne Kreamer

043 Going Gray

Author Anne Kreamer wrote the book on going gray: GOING GRAY:
Going Gray: How to Embrace Your Authentic Self with Grace and Style
Going Gray: How to Embrace Your Authentic Self with Grace and Style.


Amy Irvine, CFP

046 Financial Foolishness

Amy Irvine is back (from ep 006) to give us some smart advice on avoiding financial foolishness.


Dr. Menije Boduryan-Turner

049 Perfectionism

Dr. Menije is back to talk about getting over perfectionism and being in the mmoment.


Dr. Caroline Orr-Bueno

052 Disinformation

Caroline Orr-Bueno, PhD, talks about mis/disinformation, and why facts aren't enough to undo it.


Dr. Janja Lalich

055 Coercion

Janja Lalich, Ph.D. is a researcher, author, and educator specializing in the study of closed groups, focusing on recruitment, indoctrination, and coercive influence and control.


Meghan Breen, LCSW

058 Being Wrong

Meghan Breen, LCSW, is a Dialectical Behavioral Therapist in NYC, talks about owning it when you're wrong and for us to make space for humand to F up.


Sayra Player

061 Erotica

Sayra Player, founder of Guided By Glow, talks to us about the empowerment of erotica.


Anne Hodder-Shipp, ACS

002 Sexual Insecurities

Certified sex educator, Anne Hodder-Shipp, ACS, talks sex and confidence.


Gia DeSantis

005 Ageism

The Mary Ricards of Indie Rock, Gia DeSantis real-talks ageism.


Selene Luna

008 Disability Indifference

Actor/performer/comedian Selene Luna discusses disability activism.


Ben Lee

011 Ego

Indie Rock star, Ben Lee, talks about the obstacle and teacher ego can be.


Nina Sadowsky

014 Productivity Blocks

Author Nina Sadowsky shares her insights on being productive, even when it's challenging.


Dr. Stephanie Sarkis

017 Apologizing

Therapist and author Stephanie Sarkis, PhD, helps us understand the power of apologizing, so we can end the fallacy that it's a sign of weakness.


Elle Chase

020 Body Image Issues

Certified sex educator, body-acceptance and pleasure advocate, and author of CURVY GIRL SEX: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life.


Tricia Huffman

023 Lost Joy

She is Your Joyologist and host of the Claim It! podcast.


Dr. Nicole Moshfegh

026 Insomnia

Licensed clinical psychologist and author of THE BOOK OF SLEEP: 75 Strategies to Relieve Insomnia helps us get a better night's sleep.


Buck Angel

029 Trans Bias

Iconic Tranpa, Buck Angel, talks about his experience and persepective on being a trans man.


Julie Sedivy, PhD

032 Lost Heritage Language

Calgary-based writer, educator and language scientist, Julie Sedivy, talks about the importance of keeping a heritage language in this mono-language world.


Anne Hodder-Shipp, ACS, CSE

035 Limited Love Languages

She's back! Our favorite sex educator is now an author and she's here to talk SPEAKING FROM THE HEART: 18 Languages for Modern Love.


Rachele Pojednic, PhD

038 Disliking Exercise

Rachele Pojednic, PhD, is a nutrition and exercise scientist who is passionate about moving our bodies and being smart about being healthy.


Anna Lobell

041 Lack of Style

Designer Anna Lobell shares her insight about claiming your sense of style and self.


Lisa Stephen, PhD

044 Losing

Licensed therapist and certified performance coach, Lisa Stephen, PhD, talks about losing and the benefits of resilience.


Naty Rico

047 Ableism

Naty Rico is a disability advocate and educator from South Central Los Angeles. Currently, she resides in Tucson, AZ where she serves as the coordinator of the Disability Cultural Center at the University of Arizona.


Dr. Justine Roper

050 Pelvic Pain

Dr. Justine Roper is here to get real about pelvic floor health...and it isn't just about Kegels.


Sandra Ann Miller

053 Going It Alone

Your host (me!), Sandra Ann Miller, talks about the bravery and the stigma of going it alone.


Dr. Cynthia Pizzulli

056 Dead-End Relationships

Dr. Cynthia Pizzulli talks about how to spot a relationship that's going nowhere and how to get out of it.


Sandy Roxas, Esq.

059 Fear of Divorce

Sandy Roxas, Esq., returns to talk about ways to navigate divorce.


Tricia Barreiro

003 Single Stigma

Two-time "Jeopardy!" champion, Tricia Barreiro, talks about the ups and supposed downs of being single.


Amy Irvine, CFP

006 Financial Fears

Certified financial planner, Amy Irvine, gives advice on how to face our finances now and plan for the future.


Patricia Shanae Smith

009 Mental Health

Author and mental health advocate, Patricia Shanae Smith shares her journey to understanding her mental health.


Erin Coffin Moore

012 Cult-based Trauma

Advocate Erin Coffin Moore writes about Phoenix House, a "therapeutic community" she experienced at 16, and suffered PTSD from for decades.


Jasmine Milligan

015 Clutter

The first KonMari certified organizer in Reno, NV, helps us get over clutter and release the magic (seriously) that happens when you clear out the crap!


Elizabeth Jinzo

018 Othering

When her daughter was born prematurely and diagnosed with Autism, this mother became an advocate for her and other with developmental disabilities.


Melissa Joy Manning

021 Impatience for Success

CFDA member and designer of her eponymously named, socially responsible fine jewelry brand featuring unique, modern designs influenced by her passion for travel, art and culture.


Coral Cadman

024 Mercury Retrograde

My favorite astrologer, Coral Cadman, joins us to talk about Mercury Retrograde, one bit of astrology you don't have to believe to experience


Dr. Shauna Moore Reynolds

027 Intimate Partner Violence

Coming from her own experience as an IPV survior, Dr. Shauna Moore Reynolds talks about this widespread abuse that crosses all barriers.


Adele Paul

030 Chronic Fatigue

Wife, mother and writer, Adele Paul, talks about the misunderstood (and disbelieved) illness of chronic fatigue.


Gloria Davis Browning, RDN

033 Food Fads

Registered Dietician and HAES advocate, Gloria Davis Browning gives us insight on the power of basic nutrition, and why to buck food trends.


Gia DeSantis and Jasmine Milligan

036 Pet Peeves

They're back! We have real life good friends Gia and Jasmine in to talk about pet peeves that are topping our lists today.


Heidi Roberts

039 Misunderstanding Homelessness

Heidi Roberts went from a marketing career to helping solve the homeless crisis in Venice, CA, with shared housing.


Jackie Jones

042 Stage Fright

Jackie Jones (yes, that Jackie Jones) talks about stage fright and how it can surprise you.


Kristin Enola Gilbert & Javier Ramirez

045 Obstacles

Kristin Enola Gilbert and Javier Ramirez are the good people behind Exile in Bookville, a great bookstore.


Dr. Menije Boduryan-Turner

048 Codependence

Menije Boduryan-Turner, PsyD, talks about codependence and how that doesn't exist in healthy relationships.


Dr. Cicely Horsham-Brathwaite

051 Anger

Dr. Cicely Horsham-Brathwaite talks about getting over anger when we live in a time that keeps us enraged.


Norman Korpi

054 Reality TV

Reality TV icon and pioneer, Norman Korpi of the original The Real World, talks about breaking ground and returning to it.


Noel Teubner

057 Misunderstanding Microdosing

Noel Teubner is a Lifestyle, Wellness and Integration Coach. Utilizing a System called Human Design, she assists individuals in getting to know who they really are at their essence and how to start living from that place.


Nathaniel Hodder-Shipp

060 Holding Our Breath

Nathaniel Hodder-Shipp, B.Msc, CADC-II, is President and Founder of Breathwork for Recovery and talks with us about the power of breathwork.

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