Coral Cadman

024 Mercury Retrograde

As a sceptic, raised by a CSI pioneer, Coral could not stand being asked, "What's your sign?" (figuring the person was not very bright to begin with, and was trying to peg her into 1 of 12 categories). She resented the presumption that you could take something as complex and individual as a human being and slot them away into an arcane psychological profile system. So, 2 years into testing the tool using her 7 siblings recorded birth-times, and knowing all of their important, major life-events, she ended up on her knees apologizing to the cosmos for her hubris. That was back in 1977. She decided to do her friends’ charts next and was further convinced that astrology could neither be proven nor disproven, and continued to study it. Forty-three years into her practice, Coral remains in awe of the impeccability of this original science and psychology. Coral had learned palm reading while in high school and starting using the tarot in 1970, so all those oracular tools were integrating in her as she applied them with curiosity and open inquiry into the individual. She explains, “Astrology literally means ‘Star-Logic’ and I am a fan because astrology has never asked me to ‘believe’ in it. It still demonstrates itself without any ‘faith’ required on my part. Just inquiry and a willingness to hold up the cosmic mirror for others.”

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