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Ericka Lutz

034 Sudden Loss

Ericka Lutz

Ericka Lutz is an author, and performer, and teacher. Her publications include the novel The Edge of Maybe (Last Light Press, 2012) and seven non-fiction books, as well as many short stories, essays, columns, and national opinion pieces. She’s an award-winning fiction writer, and the recipient of two fellowships to the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. She was a founding editor for the online magazine Literary Mama.

Ericka performed her full-length solo show, A Widow's To-Do List, about the first months after her longtime husband’s sudden death, throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The SF Weekly called her “the holy grail” of storytelling. She taught writing at U.C. Berkeley for 18 years before “retiring” to live in the Central Sierra Nevada foothills, where she writes, edits and coaches writers, works with the local farmers market, splits and stacks firewood, and cooks up a storm.

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