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Lisa Stephen, PhD

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Lisa Stephen, PhD

For over 30 years, Lisa Stephen, PhD, ACC has worked as a doctoral-level counseling psychologist helping people create change in their lives. Her clinical experience, which began before earning her PhD from Michigan State University, has included creating and running a homeless youth program and providing emergency mental health services. She has worked in a variety of hospital and outpatient settings, served as clinical director of a large community mental health center, and has held a variety of clinical supervisory positions. She has maintained a private practice for the past twenty years. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Stephen has taught courses in psychology and teacher education as an adjunct professor at Michigan State University and a visiting assistant professor at Middlebury College.

In 2017, Dr. Stephen completed intensive training to become an associated certified coach through the International Coaching Federation while maintaining her private practice full time. She went on to found IGNITE Peak Performance, a personal, career, and performance coaching business where she offers individual and group evidence-based coaching for a wide variety of clients, including collegiate athletes and their parents, high-achieving executives and medical professionals, and women and mothers wanting to focus on their personal and career development. In this role, she has worked across the U.S., delivering mental skills workshops to high-performing youth and collegiate athletes and training athletic professionals to improve communication with their clients. She is also a regular expert source for articles in Men’s Health.

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